December Sweaty Bands– Holiday Gift Guide for Active Women!

It’s December- and the countdown is on until your last minute holiday shoppers trickle in on Christmas Eve (Oh but wait… you’ll get post holiday shoppers with their gift certificates too!)   Thank you for your continued business this year– I am grateful for all of my wonderful retailers and it is a pleasure to work with all of you!  I’m a facebook fan of almost every single account I work with, and I love seeing the communities you build with your stores!  From fun runs to races to ladies nights, etc.. it’s inspiring to see how you support and inspire a very special loyal customer base of active people.

Holiday Gift Guides/Marketing:

Look at the pretty Sweaty Bands!

Many of you feature holiday gift guides on your newsletters or facebook pages.  This is a great picture from Napa Running Company in CA today on their facebook page– suggesting small gifts for $15 or under– thanks Rebekah! A picture can go so many miles for your Sweaty Bands sales! I also love when stores post a picture of their newest shipment of Sweaty Bands on facebook-and the customers start commenting and then make plans run in to buy the ones they like before anyone else does!

This is another great picture from the Sweaty Bands people– how fun is this?  Let me know if you want a copy to use for your own marketing!

Sweaty Bands are great stocking stuffers!

Finally– don’t forget that candid shots of people WEARING the bands are great ways to merchandise/market your collection– check this one of my pal Steph who owns Fleet Feet Sports in West Hartford, CT.  And don’t let people who have shorter hair tell you that Sweaty Bands aren’t for them… Steph has the cutest short hairstyle, but look how the band helps keep her hair back while she’s placing in her age group at the local races!

Live in a colder climate? This shouldn’t stop people from buying Sweaty Bands if you merchandise/market them right- Sweaty Bands are GREAT under ski helmets, and awesome for nordic skiing, hiking, snowshoeing for when you have to rip off your hat from sweating and then what- your hair falls in your face if you don’t have your Sweaty Band on! Sweaty Bands are, of course, the hair accessory of choice at all of the gyms and studios across the nation as well!!   Here’s a great picture of Sarah at an NCAA Ski Race in Stowe, Vermont –snowshoeing in her Sweaty Band!

I also want to congratulate Erin Sutton, who works at one of our new retailers: Natural Strides in Georgia.  Erin wore her Sweaty Band to win the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving!!  Way to go!

In other news, it’s been fun to see the continued growth of Sweaty Bands this year– my friend Merle- another rep based in Florida- showed up on The Today Show and got our new NYC Sweaty Bands into the hands of many of the gang on the show. (See NYC styles on the Sweaty Bands website.)

If you’re new to the brand or even if you’ve carried it for quite some time, it’s nice to learn more about the Sweaty Bands company. This article just came out: (click to read) Sweaty Bands ready to take off | EnterChange and it’s great to see the success of such a nice and hardworking couple- Donna and Doug Browning. I have to tell you what a pleasure it is to work daily with the crew at Sweaty Bands.  Everyone behind the scenes there is incredibly dedicated, super nice and supportive– it’s a wonderful company to be involved with!

The Running Event- Austin! If you are going to The Running Event in Austin, TX next week, stop by the Sweaty Bands booth and say hi to my friend Jenni-one of our reps based in Texas. Jenni is an incredible runner who also does a lot of really fabulous charity work in her running community! I was hoping to be there too so I could say hi to all of you, but I am too pregnant to fly at this point in the game– so I encourage you to stop by both the Sweaty Bands and Running Skirts booths for me ;)

Jenni and the infamous Dave Mari from Half Marathon Fanatics!

And lastly– I know many of you are waiting to see some of the new Sweaty Bands available for December!

Here are a few… and please note that  the thick Viva Divas (one inch sparkle) that you may have heard about are not ready yet, but I will alert you when they are available to order as they are going to go FAST!  There is also a new line of velvet solid colors called “Smooth as Velvet” as well as a plethora of new regular solid color bands as well.  Some holiday themed bands are also still available – great to order for all of the Santa/Jingle Bell/Reindeer races coming up!   Just shoot me an email or call me anytime if you need help with an order.   HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you, your staff, and your families!   Paige

Absolutely Dangerous- Pink

Berry Blossom Thick

Midnight Hour- Thick

Royalty- Thick

Reggae Rainbow

Union Jack

X Marks The Spot

Smooth as Velvet- pink (velvet exterior)

Snowflakes Thick

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