Everyday and Holiday Cards for Runners and Athletes

The holidays are around the corner and I want to feature some of the newest cards and holiday cards from Banana Blossom Press!

Banana Blossom Press has been inspiring everyday athletes since 2008 with their unique collection of notecards and tees for the entire family.   No minimums (they also provide displays if you reach certain minimums)

Check out the newest cards!

Holiday Cards!!  I love these!

and last but not least- I want to feature some of the awesome 50/50 tees from Banana Blossom– super light and great gifts to have in your store for holiday shoppers!  (oh yes– the onesies are pretty cute too….)

For the entire Banana Blossom Press catalog and more info on ordering, please contact me!

Cheers!  Paige  (onesies for me soon?)

7 months preg in the Running Skirts Maternity Skirt


Father’s Day- what do you do in your store?

Father’s Day is coming up– and there are lots of ways to honor the active Dads out there who shop at your store.

My Dad walking me down the aisle--for what seemed like a mile!

My Dad is one of the strongest guys I know– not just physically, but his mental “can-do” attitude is something that has truly shaped my life.  My Dad has always been active in sports– he played football, hockey, and lacrosse growing up. When I was young, he was part of the big running boom of the late ’70s early ’80s….I recently found his Bill Rodgers Running Log from 1984!!!  He balanced three kids, a busy law practice, and his running quite well.  These days, you can find him mostly out on the golf course, but he is always putting in the miles when he can and sharing them with me on our virtual training log: “The Daily Mile”  http://www.dailymile.com

Let’s honor all the active Dads out there this Father’s Day with some great gift ideas in your store. I know, I know, I rep mostly women’s stuff, but I do have a few great men’s ideas up my sleeve from Banana Blossom Press.  Their men’s tees are really fun- super soft, breathable and lightweight–the perfect blend of 50% polyester 50% cotton.

I Love Running, I Hate running Men's Tee

No Run= Cranky + Moody Men's Tee

Check out a great array of unique cards for runners/athletes offered from Banana Blossom–perfect cards to accompany Dad’s gift of new running gear from your store!

Inside: What's yours?

Inside: How's training going?

Inside: Relationships are hard.

Inside: It's been awhile. Let's go for a run.

Inside: Good Luck

Inside: yes you.

Inside: It's not easy, but you do it

Inside: I don't get it, but I admire your dedication. Run on.

inside: What's another 6.2 miles?

inside: Congratulations on your new running partner.

Email me  paigekaptuch@sweatybands.com for more info on a quick no minimums order in time for Father’s Day!

Sweaty Bands, Running Skirts and Banana Blossom Press on The Marathon Show

Tune in tomorrow morning to The Marathon Show on blogtalk radio to hear from Donna Browning of Sweaty Bands, Christy Baker of Running Skirts, and Maria Millsap of Banana Blossom Press!

Wednesday, March 9 · 9:00am – 10:00am



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You see them at expos and if you talk with them you will be inspired. We visit with three amazing women who pursued their dreams of starting a business around marathon running. They have now built brands that we all recognize. We will interview Christy Baker of Running Skirts, Donna Browning of Sweaty Bands and Maria Millsap of Banana Blossom Press. You’ll hear about where their ideas came from to start their business, the challenges of starting their business and what they’ve learned about marketing. 12:00 noon eastern, 9:00 am pacific and 17:00 GMT

Add something special to your store for Valentine’s gifts/race events

This is a great time to plan for February! Boost your sales by creating a Valentine’s gift idea list for your customers or bring in some new styles/products in conjunction with a Valentine’s race or fun run!


Sweaty Bands “Queen of Hearts”

Queen of Hearts

Banana Blossom Cards (no minimum!)


(inside- Happy Valentine's Day)

(take my breath away)

(inside- Make My Heart Flutter)



Running Skirts also has some fabulous gifts for your customers and your Valentine’s events including a special on their very popular compression socks!

Swift Socks

Stock up on RunLove Collection for your Valentines events!

  • RunLove Performance Long Sleeve in white or haute pink
  • RunLove Argyle Prints available in:
    • Athletic style
    • Capri style
    • Running style
    • Triathlon style
    • Subzero Tight styles!
  • RunLove Compression Socks in black or haute pink– SPECIAL: $14.00 each (Retail $32)

Here’s a fun video from the company to check out the product.  Opening order minimums are only 15 pieces!  Contact me for more info.


Keep your hot Valentine cool with the brand new BEX Runner- a wearable cooling device that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand- great gift for a special girl or guy who has a some big spring/summer races coming up.  The company is really heating up (haha) with some great recent shoutouts in Men’s Health and The Wall Street Journal online (among others)  Check them out here: Mens-Health-BEX-Runner, WSJ-BEX-Runner


Happy Holidays

card by Banana Blossom Press

Hope you had wonderful holidays! I had every intention of getting in a run on Christmas morning but my calves were pretty beat up some some powder skiing the day before… wet, heavy powder, along with some hiking and traversing not only exhausted me, but my calves felt very delicate at the top.. every step ow ow ow. It goes to show you what a little cross training can do (or maybe hiking around in stiff ski boots isn’t ever going to feel good on the bod day after. Anyway, we took our dog Buzz for a little hike on Christmas but my running plans were kaput- even long run Sunday may not happen- we’ll see in a few hours.   It was worth it though!!

This card (above) is one of the many fabulous designs by Maria from Banana Blossom. Already in a number of running stores, I’ll let Maria describe her company to you:

“Unique and uncomplicated, cards that help connect with wellness in mind and capture the inner thoughts of everyday athletes.  Banana Blossom Press has designed a new line of greeting cards for anyone who loves/hates exercise.  Perfect for the people in your yoga class, boot camp group or spinning class, for your spouse who runs and you don’t, for your child who had a great year in their cross country team at school, for your friend who is training for a triathlon and for your mother who is going to walk a half-marathon after seeing you run a marathon.

We have cards that celebrate reaching an exercise goal.  These cards encourage those who may be struggling or have reached a plateau.  Some cards connect you with others who are training for a specific event.  The cards will show appreciation to someone who inspires you with their accomplishments.”

Maria also has some fabulous tees with similar logos- perfect for your store- my favorite:

Check out Maria’s website and blog here:  http://www.bananablossompress.com

and let me know if you’d like to carry the line in your store. She has no minimums!