July update and Outdoor Retailer Show!

Happy July!! I hope all is well in your retail stores this summer and that the hot weather has brought in a lot of customers!  Sweaty Bands and cool comfortable running apparel from Running Skirts is a must during the heat!!

Congrats to local Utah runner Kim Cowart-  a huge Sweaty Bands and Running Skirts fan-  who came in second at the South Jordan Half Marathon last week.  Check out her awesome FLOWER POWER Sweaty!!


OUTDOOR RETAILER SHOW!!!   Who is coming to Salt Lake City for OR?  I’m making appointments and would love to meet with you! Running Skirts is debuting their fall/winter collection, and Sweaty Bands is also exhibiting. I will also have linesheets and samples for Wizbang Hats.  Please contact me if you’d like to meet up at the show!!

As promised- new Sweaty Bands for July!  New website will be debuting soon. Look for an email in the near future regarding this.

All the best from Salt Lake City and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help with ordering from any of my lines!   Best, Paige


New for JUNE! FASTINISTAS out there….

As your women’s gear rep, I want to reflect on some of your best customers- the FASTINISTAS  (awesome term coined by Sarah Bowen Shea in last August’s issue of Runner’s World Magazine)

If you’ve been following this trend, FASTINISTAS are women who want running/active wear that is functional, flattering and FUN!!  What first drew me to Sweaty Bands years ago was the function– a headband that keeps my hair out of my face and WILL NOT SLIP OFF!!!  The Fun and Pretty of it was just icing on the cake!  When I discovered Running Skirts, it was the same thing — I was sick of my shorts chafing and riding up… the pockets for the gels were also pretty cool… and the Pretty and Fun was just additional!  Fastinistas are all ages and styles. I don’t really fancy myself as a SHOPPER– I loathe the mall (and  I know that I am in good company here!)  but a trip to my local running specialty retailer or outdoor store? SO MUCH FUN.  As many of you know, it pays to cater to your local Fastinistas by carrying fun and functional products for women, and keeping your Sweaty Bands rack well stocked with the newest bands all the time!!

Who are these FASTINISTAS?   I like looking back at myself at 7 weeks pregnant in this photo from the FASTINISTA article! Ah, the old days.

from Runner’s World August 2011 ME

I love these FASTINISTAS below…. coach Naomi Appel and her students from the Loomis Chaffee School in Connecticut wearing matching Sweaty Bands at the Run to Remember Half Marathon in Boston on Memorial Day Weekend. Way to go GIRLS on your first half marathon!!!!THESE are your customers!!  Shana and her friends- winners of this year’s Cape Cod Ragnar!  All wearing Sweaty Bands and Running Skirts:

And Shana and her friends can’t get enough- racing again today:

So….what’s new in the world of Sweaty Bands?  TWO nice shout outs on THE TODAY SHOW in the past few weeks!!

There will be a new website debuting later this month– stay tuned!!

And, as usual, there are  a nice bunch of new Sweaty styles to keep your Fastinistas satisfied:  check them out!

Please contact me for help with a reorder– I’m more than happy to help!!!  Keep your Sweaty Bands fresh and stocked well for the busy summer season! The Fastinistas are coming shopping ;)    Love this sweet Sweaty picture from my sister at Truckieloo Photography…  TruckieLoo Photography, Vermont Pet and Lifestyle Photographer

Running Skirts, another line that I rep in the Rocky Mt./Texas territories, also continues to appeal to Fastinistas everywhere-

Check out this great segment on San Diego CW 6 morning news last week!

Marathon Fashion and Function | San Diego 6 | SD6 in the Morning.

Please contact me if you need any help with orders or reorders!  I’m always happy to help!

my little Fastinista

Postpartum Running Update

The inaugural Thelma and Louise Women’s 1/2 Marathon in Moab, UT-Mother’s Day Weekend 2012

Happy June!! I hope all is going well at your stores as we move into summer.

For those following my postpartum running journey…here’s my update!

Inaugural Thelma and Louise Women’s Half Marathon in MOAB, UTAH:  When I signed up for this race, I was 2 1/2 months postpartum and giddy with the idea of racing again. It didn’t occur to me that on top of, you know, running a 1/2 marathon, I’d be nursing and caring for a growing baby while TRAVELING. And with my husband busy at the hospital, this was going to be a solo trip with the help of a close family friend who lives near Moab (she would meet me there and watch baby while I ran the race) As race day got closer, I realized I was maybe in over my head deciding to drive a 4-month-old who cries if she doesn’t sleep in her fisher price “snug-a-bunny” swing (which is way too big to bring to a hotel!)  4 hrs away to stay in a hotel for the first time the night before the race. On top of that, the shuttle bus to the race start left the parking lot at 6 am and I had to coordinate feeding baby who refuses bottles by feeding her in the parking lot before I got on the bus. It all seemed like way too much work just to run another half marathon. At 2 am while baby cried in our hotel room, I almost made the decision to ditch the entire idea all together. What was I thinking? I held baby and thought SURELY there were other running moms out there in the night experiencing the same thing as me right now… and we were all going to be in this together. I remembered standing in the start at the 2011 Arizona Rock n Roll Marathon, and listening to Kara Goucher on the microphone telling the thousands of us in the race start corrals, that she’d just been through a scary hospital ordeal with her 4-month-old baby. I’m sure she didn’t sleep much in the days before the race and she won the race. I thought of Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell the authors of Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother, whose awesome Another Mother Runner podcasts kept me going through late night delirious baby feeding sessions all winter. (another mother runner.)   I thought of Cindy, one of the co-owners of Running Skirts, who ran an amazing marathon PR at Chicago last fall with her infant waiting for her at the finish line. Thanks to all the running moms out there floating in my head, I got dressed in my gear, drove us out to the finish line parking lot, fed baby, kissed her goodbye, and got on the bus reluctant and exhausted (and disturbingly thirsty). None of my usual pre-race rituals had happened and I was glad to have my GARMIN and shoes on and a few gels in my skirt pocket.

As they drove us out on the road towards Canyonlands National Park, I completely relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of the red rocks and the stunning vistas and made friends with the girl sitting next to me. We lined up at the start, and I realized this was actually my very first women’s only race! There was a really cool camaraderie among all the women, and a fun spirit of adventure in the air. When my husband and I were younger, we spent a lot of time camping and backpacking in Moab, and the morning light on the red rocks brought back a sense of nostalgia and inspiration to me. Everything was suddenly big picture and I decided to live in the moment. As I ran on this beautiful course, I realized that this race was ALL WORTH IT because I felt truly happy running down the road, running towards the finish where my angel of a family friend would be waiting with baby (who I already missed after the first 30 min.)  This was a nice Mother’s Day gift to me!

The other, eh, issue, which I will get to later, is that I was running on an injury. I managed to stay at a nice pace until about mile 8 when I felt my weak postpartum core crumbling despite my efforts to stand tall, tighten my abs, and not arch my back as if I were still prego. I felt like a meringue puff melting in the sun. My right shin throbbed. If this were a 10k I would have been fine– as 7 miles seemed to be my expiration point at the Salt Lake Half Marathon a few weeks earlier as well. But I kept chugging along, enjoying the race as if I were on a vacation from my life, and I ended up coming in 32nd– not bad while still hanging on to 20 extra lbs of baby weight! For the first 8 miles or so, I was well on track to run at least a 1:41 half, but the end was literally a hot mess and I finished with a 1:49.

Greek Key Sweaty Band, Running Skirts Strappy Tank and Preppy Pink Skirt. Running Skirts Run Love Compression Socks

BEST part of the finish? GIANT horse troughs filled with icy cold water. I took off my shoes and got in one right away. Perfect ice bath immediately after the race!!

If you need a cool running destination vacation, consider any of the races in the Moab series- they are all really great!! http://www.moabhalfmarathon.org/

I saw lots of ladies at the race in their Running Skirts and Sweaty Bands!  Here are a few great pictures from the event.


Running Skirts at the Thelma and Louise Half Marathon

the lead vehicle… complete with “Thelma” and “Louise” and Brad Pitt’s character!


So… on to the injury and rehab.  It was a perfect recipe for injury: With a weak post-baby core, I ran two half marathons at around 3 and 4 months postpartum. Determined to do it all, I hiked with our dog every day wearing baby in the bjorn carrier, ran every day pushing her in the BOB, and awkwardly hauled the heavy car seat on my right arm all over town. The relaxin hormone present during pregnancy and nursing made (and still makes) me feel like Gumby. All of this, plus neglecting to make rehabbing my core a priority, was a recipe for a nice juicy injury in the same spot it always appears when I’m beating up my body: right tibia.

Lucky for me,the fabulous University of Utah Orthopedic Center is right up the street, and my smart ‘ol husband is in his Radiology residency and happened to be working there the day of my appointment! He had the joy of reading the x-ray of my tib/fib and telling me NO STRESS FRACTURE. Whew! The Ortho sent me to physical therapy to help realign my hips and get some strengthening going in my core. Yes-it was time for a break from running.  Ugh. Last thing I wanted, especially while I’m trying to drop the baby weight…. but  when running is no longer a joy because of pain, it’s not worth it. I parked the BOB in our living room and dedicated the month to chiropractor, Pilates, planks, and the gym whenever I could steal away. I  had to surrender.

Up next- San Francisco 1/2 Marathon and then St. George Marathon. Let’s hope the rest and core work pays off.  The new Newton Trail shoes don’t hurt either…love them!


New Sweaty Bands for MARCH and the Running Skirts SPRING I Collection!

Happy Spring!

Here in Salt Lake City we are getting ready for the Salt Lake Half Marathon- I’ll be 3 months out from baby and hoping to run it– won’t beat the PR I ran last year but will just be happy to be enjoying the course with my little baby waiting for me at the end!

I wanted to let you all know about the new Sweaty Bands for MARCH! If you are hosting a St. Patty’s event or race, definitely check out the lucky bands for the month!


Exhale- back by popular demand!

You Say Goodbye

Do the Polka Dots Thick Green Pink

I Have My Eye On You

Luck of the Irish

Take me to the Pot of Gold

Gold Coins

Kiss my Shamrock

New Neon Solid Bands!

Please email me if you’d like help with an order or reorder.

If you are interested in the Running Skirts Spring line- check it out!  The Blossom and Pixel prints are available now- with another fun collection due for Spring II.   Here’s a great video of the Running Skirts founders discussing the inspiration behind this season’s collection.

Please email me for more info if you are interested in ordering for your store!

Here’s another great video of the collection.  Cheers and looking forward to hearing from you!  Paige

New Sweaty Bands for February- Happy Valentine’s and introducing my daughter!

Happy February! I’m sorry to those I missed at the OR Show… I was a little busy and didn’t make it to the show after all……

shout out to our friends at Newton!

My daughter, Chase, was born Jan 16 almost in our truck on the way to the hospital! (Crazy story!)  My team in the delivery room all wore their Queen of Hearts Sweaty Bands, including me!  We are in love with little Chase and can’t wait to run with her when she’s ready.  Until then, we’ve been getting out for some great walks/hikes on our snowless Wasatch front trails.  I am grateful for my fit pregnancy which included some great 10k and 5k races, regular running up until 32 weeks, and lots and lots of hiking!

Sweaty Bands released this fun new band just in time for Chase’s arrival:

Pea in the Pod

Heartstooth Running Skirt and Queen of Hearts Sweaty Band

Wish me luck as I return to running… trying to follow doctor’s orders and wait until 6 weeks out… we are half way there… been getting out on some great walks and hikes with dog and baby- working on strengthening my core with pilates and yoga– and thinking about late spring 1/2 marathon and a fall marathon.

Without further ado- here are the newest Sweaty Bands for February! The Viva Diva ONE INCH Sparkles are VERY HOT right now– get some before they go out of stock!    Please let me know what you need, and how I can help with reorders! I’m always available for my accounts any time!  Cheers, Paige

Viva Diva ONE INCH Sparkles!



Beauty and the Beast

Mint Julep

Missonian Thick Pink Green Blue

Birds of a Feather

Crowning Glory- Blue Gold

Daisy Chain

Diamond in the Rough

Ease on Down the Road

Hooty Tooty Owls- Pink/Orange

Strut Your Stuff

Queen of Hearts Two Face

Reflective Runner Yellow- wide reflector

Sand Dollar


Stich Me Up Brown/Tan

Rope Me In

Stitch Me Up Navy/Tan

Tribal Dance

Winter Wipeout

Zip It

Zig Zag


New favorites from Sweaty Bands and Wizbang Hats!

Happy Fall!!!

I hope business is great at your stores and you are gearing up for an awesome season.  I had a very productive Outdoor Retailer show, where I really enjoyed seeing and meeting many of you!

Before I share the newest Sweaty Bands for September, I want to remind you that I rep a really fun line of women’s running/nordic hats-“Wizbang Hats.”  Though the line is new to the running specialty scene, many of you in the outdoor category have probably seen this excellent line before. The lightweight hats are perfect for sweating during your winter aerobic activities and are also great under helmets. Wizbang also offers stylish fleece, brim, and junior sized hats as well. The prints are unique and fun- sometimes people want more than just plain black hats! No minimums on these– let me know if you’d like me to send you a sample!

photo by Pascal Beauvais

Sweaty Bands has some great new bands for September, and I’m going to include my favorites, as well as some popular bands that are now back in stock. Remember, the more you display, the more you sell.  Let me know if you need help with an order– I’m happy to help save you time and energy!

Cheers from SLC where I’ve been enjoying a wonderful fit pregnancy- still running almost daily and looking forward to a 10k in a few weeks. Definitely send pregnancy running tips my way if you have any!    Best, Paige

Love my Running Skirts brand gear for my fit pregnancy! at OR Show 8/11

Outdoor Retailer Show- Running Skirts, Sweaty Bands, and Wizbang Hats!

I’m excited to be attending the Summer Outdoor Retailer show again this year!

NEW this year to Outdoor Retailer– SWEATY BANDS   Sweaty Bands will be exhibiting in the New Exhibitors Pavilion (first year they’d had it- so check it out!)   Booth number is PV333    Contact me for an appointment or feel free to walk by!  Sweaty Bands will also be at the Open Air Demo up at the Jordanelle on Wednesday– stop by and say hi to Doug!

Sweaty Bands do very well in our running retailers, but we also are having great success in the outdoor category.  Check out Sarah snowshoeing in Stowe, VT at an NCAA ski race this year– in her No Slip Sweaty Band of course!

Photo by Truckieloo Photography

A lot of my gear shops in the west are LOVING the Sweaty Bands sales– hikers, climbers, etc.. love them! I visited accounts in Moab, UT this year and enjoyed a great hike with my boy (yes my dog drinks from a water bottle like a baby goat.)

Sweaty Band in Moab, UT

Katie wears her Sweaty Band under her bike helmet– keeps her hair lookin’ cute for happy hour after. Nice way to market the bands!

Kate in Colorado taking a break from the ride

Next up: WIZBANG HATS:   Wizbang Hats only attends the winter OR show, however I will have samples with me of their fall line and would be so excited to meet and show you these.  I spend the entire winter in my Wizbang lightweight hat- running, hiking, under ski helmet. I am in love with the fun prints and sweet fit. Designer, Liz, and I grew up ski racing in the same circuit and she knows how to make cool hats that pass the test.  She also has a fun brim hat, and a super soft velvety fleece line as well. I will be writing orders at the show for them so let me know if you’d like to meet up to take a look!

photo by Pascal Beauvis

photo by Pascal Beauvis

Wizbang Hats! photo by Pascal Beauvis

Last but certainly far from least–Running Skirts! Along with owners and designers Cindy and Christy, I will be showing the line from Running Skirts in booth 39167   Featured on the front cover of Runner’s World this month, Running Skirts are HOT right now. Many of our customers wear them for hiking, stand up paddle boarding, and lots of summer fun- in addition to running!

Check out Molly beatin’ the boys at soccer in her Running Skirt (and Sweaty Band!)

Photo by Truckieloo Photography

and I love this one of my pal Robin running an ultra marathon–Running Skirts are super comfortable — especially for ultras!

Robin running the Rocky Raccoon 50 miler

On my Favorite Trail in SLC with my boy Buzz

Running Skirts are what I prefer to hike in!

Please join Running Skirts for these great OR events:

FRIDAY AUGUST 5  @ 7 a.m.  Knock Your Shorts Off!  Join RunningSkirts for a scenic SLC trot.
Interested in carrying the Running Skirts line in your store but want to test out a skirt for yourself? Meet in front of Salt Palace main entrance (across from the Shiloh Inn)   Friday August 5 @  7 a.m. for a fun group run up in the City Creek area! We also welcome our existing accounts of course- we’d love to spend time with you on a beautiful morning run!  We had so much fun last year!  (and look how many dudes we got to wear a skirt!)

Running Skirts Outdoor Retailer Fun Run 2010

Other events:  Runner’s World Endurance Zone Events–  Thurs August 4  2:00-2:30 and Fri August 5 2:00-2:30   Join Running Skirts at the Runner’s World Endurance Zone for some refreshments!

I really am looking forward to this fun-filled week and hope to see all of you.  Please feel free to contact me to set up an appointment to see any of the lines I rep!